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Biggest Complaints about RV Service
Posted by Robert Cochran on August 1, 2011.

The 11 Biggest Complaints about RV service,

And How CAMPING CONNECTION Overcomesthem all.

1.     “The technician never shows up whenpromised or doesn’t show up at all”.

            At Camping Connection, weunderstand you have more important things to do than sit around waiting on atechnician all day. That’s why we are the only mobile service that offers an on-time or it’s free guarantee. If ourtechnician does not arrive in the three hour time window given, then yourservice call fee is free*. Along with the free service call, you can alsoexpect a courtesy call to let you know we are on the way. Our multi-unit fleetof service trucks offers us more flexibility to be on time every time, allowingyou more time to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

2.     “The final bill was more than quoted”. CampingConnection will never charge any more for installation or repairs thanoriginally quoted. Upon arrival, our technician will review projected chargeswith you and make sure you know exactly what the repairs will cost.Occasionally, unforeseen problems do arise and additional work is required toperform a task. Our technicians are trained to stop repairs and immediatelyinform you of any additional work that may be required. Not just tell you, butshow you exactly what the problem is, what will have to be done and how much itwill cost. You will never receive a final bill without first approving allcharges.

3.     “The service company offered a big discountand then overcharged me for service labor”. At Camping Connection, we don’tplay games and we don’t use gimmicks to “trick” you into using our services. Weare professionals who take your RV parts and service needs seriously. From timeto time we will have product sales as they become available or service specialsto introduce a new product or service, but we believe the educated RV’erprefers great service over a great “show”.

4.     “The technician was dirty and left a messto clean up.” We are proud to have the cleanest technicians in the RVindustry. We realize that your RV is your home and we promise to treat it with therespect it deserves. All of our vehicles are equipped with floor covering,cleaners, solvents and vacuums, and we know how to use them! It is our goal toleave your RV and campsite cleaner when we leave than when we came.

5.     “I was sold parts I did not need”. Youdon’t have to be a technician torecognize a “parts changer” from an experienced RV Technician. If you’ve everhad an appliance repaired and was told “these three components were bad”,chances are you were the victim of a “parts changer” who just replaced partsuntil it worked, and then assumed all of them were bad. Today’s complicatedelectronics sometimes do require replacement to confirm a defect, but atCamping Connection, we promise to take every step necessary to make sure you never pay for a part you  don’t need.

6.     “The repair couldn’t be made on the firsttrip”. Camping Connection has over 80 years of combined RV parts andservice experience and has been operating mobile service for nearly 15 years. Besideshaving the best stocked mobile service units in the industry, we have a fullystocked retail store located close by with over $100,000 of parts andaccessories in stock, giving us a much better chance of having exactly what youneed, when you need it. We understand what it’s like to be without airconditioning, heat, refrigeration, electricity or water. We’ll fix it fast andon the first trip more often than anyone else in the industry.

7.     “The service technician didn’t know what hewas doing”. We don’t claim to know everything, especially in this fastchanging industry that keeps putting more gadgets into an RV than you cancount. We do, however, know that constant training is the key to servicesuccess. Every Camping Connection technician is trained to stay current with thelatest products and procedures. And by having several technicians that havedifferent areas of expertise, we make sure you get a technician that hastraining and experience to handle your particular problem.

8.     “The technician took twice as long to makerepairs than he should have”. Again, our training and experience providesyou with a technician that is capable of making repairs in a timely manner.Also, by knowing how much it should cost before we start the job, you’ll neverhave to worry about us wasting time and “running up the bill”. Sometimes, whennew products are introduced that we are inexperienced with, we will take extratime to do the job properly but you will only be charged the industry standardtime for that job. You will not be charged with the additional time necessaryto complete the job. We consider it on-the-job training and appreciate theopportunity to learn something new.

9.    “Theparts we ordered took too long to get or came in wrong”. There are sevensteps necessary in the parts process. Determine, locate, order, ship, receive,inspect and deliver. With each step there is the possibility of error which candelay or prevent you from getting the right part. At Camping Connection, wehave refined this process and added several checks and balances to make sureyour parts come in quickly and correctly. When you need parts or accessories,we don’t “drop the ball”, we run with it!

10.            “I had to pay a lot of money but my problemwas never resolved”. We have a real simple philosophy, if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. That’s right. If we are notcapable of making the repairs to your RV, for whatever reason, no matter howlong it takes us to determine your problem, you won’t be charged a dime.Sometimes repairs are manufacturer specific or too major to be made on site. Shouldthis be the case, we will help you locate a qualified shop that can handle therepairs and never submit a bill. After all, it’s not your fault we were unableto fix it!

11.            I couldn’t get the technician to come backafter I had a problem with the repairs. We take every precaution to makesure your repairs are made correctly so you won’t have any problems. But in therare instance you do have a problem with our repairs, we promise to be back atyour site on either the same day or the next business day from the time youcall, guaranteed**. We want you as a customer for life, so unlike some others,you won’t find us trying to hide after we’ve been paid for repairs.

*Guarantee applies to our local service areas only. See store for details of service guarantee. 


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