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RV Air Conditioner Trouble Shooter
Posted by Rob Cochran on November 1, 2011.

Biggest Complaints about RV Service
Posted by Robert Cochran on August 1, 2011.

The 11 Biggest Complaints about RV service,And How CAMPING CONNECTION Overcomesthem all.1.     “The technician never shows up whenpromised or doesn’t show up at all”.            At Camping Connection, weunderstand you have more important things to do than sit around waiting on atechnician all day. That’s why we are the only mobile service that offers an on-time or it’s free guarantee. If ourtechnician does not arrive in the three hour time window given, then yourservice call fee is free*. Along with the free service call, you can alsoexpect a courtesy call to let you know we are on the way. Our multi-unit fleetof service trucks offers us more flexibility to be on time every time, allowi...
Pre-Trip Checklist From Camping Connection
Posted by Robert Cochran on June 1, 2011.

Pre-Trip Checklist from Camping ConnectionThe kids are getting out of school soon and it’s time to getthat RV ready for the summer camping season. I’ve put together a list of somethings you should check before you head out the driveway. If you will take acouple hours to do this pre-trip check out, you can spend more time enjoyingyour RV and less time dealing with pesky problems. I’ve added some quick linksto a few products in our catalog that you might find useful. You can also shopour catalog at Asalways, if we can answer a question or help with a problem, you can email us atservice@campingconnectionrv.comor call us in Kissimmee at 407-397-2267 or Myrtle Beach at 843-238-3329. Check ApplianceOperation-RefrigeratorWater HeaterAir Conditioner (clean filt...
Check that roof!
Posted by Rob Cochran on May 12, 2011.

It is not uncommon for me to find an RV roof leak that has done some damage, but this week has really encouraged me to get the word out about roof preventive maintenance. I have estimated two different RV’s that were less than 8 years old and both looked almost perfect inside and out, yet needed complete roof replacements with a cost of over $6500 each. One that I looked at, the owner asked me “Can water seep through the rubber roof?” My answer was “No, not unless there is a split or tear in the roof.” He was amazed that the roof could be rotted under the rubber near the center of the RV.The fact is, water will “wick” into many places once it has found a breach in security. Many materials used in RV construction will act as a sponge and quickly dra...

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